Graduate Job Search Tips

Here are some tips to help you in your graduate job search.

1. If you are currently working in a job that you would like to keep, talk to your employer about beginning graduate school while still working for them. Many employers welcome their employee's desires for advanced degrees and will even help pay for the schooling. At least, you should contact them to let them know that you may need a more flexible work schedule to pursue your advanced degree.

2. If you have to, consider attending a graduate school that has only evening or weekend classes, so you can still work while in school.

3. For a job with the department where you will be studying, check with the school employment office or the departmental office as soon as you know when you will start graduate school. Ask about possible openings. You might have to take some graduate classes before being considered for these jobs, but at least, they will know that you are interested. Follow up after you have taken classes to see what positions would fit you.

4. Also, contact the school for any internships that they know about.

5. The school employment office may also be aware of student friendly employers in the community that you should contact for jobs.

6. Prepare a resume that shows your past school record, including GPA, past employment, and experience.

7. Ask previous employers or professors for letters of recommendation.

8. Fill out the financial aid information for the school. If you have a need, they may be more forthcoming with information on grants and jobs.

9. Check online boards. Many of them do have listings for

10. Talk to each of your professors to see if they have research or teaching assistant positions for which you might qualify.

Last Updated: 05/25/2014